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Online tuition is a fantastic way to tutor students as it eliminates travel time. Maximise your income with more online tuition sessions. This kind of tuition can be more productive than physically visiting students. Online tutoring requires access to a computer with a reliable Internet connection and a Skype account. These sessions are recorded for the convenience of parents to oversee how their child performs. This safeguard ensures that students have less distractions.

home tutoring

Tutoring a student one-on-one is a very rewarding experience. You can provide students with individual attention to address their particular needs. One-on-one tutoring is the easiest way to build a rapport with your student, and it also makes you more approachable. These sessions are conducted in the home of the student, where they are more relaxed. Families generally take an interest in how their child performs and will often welcome any feedback provided.


Tutoring a group can be the most challenging yet it is particularly rewarding when your students collectively improve. Groups are restricted to a maximum of 5 students sharing a common subject and grade. We recommend these tutoring sessions be conducted in a library where it will keep the group quieter and more likely to concentrate on educational content. These sessions are 90 minutes in length, and accordingly is a more productive tutoring method.


Do you have what it takes to become a tutor?

Academic results are only part of what we look for. Other key characteristics are great communication skills, a friendly personality, reliability, and a desire to help others. We strongly support our tutors by finding students that are compatible with their schedule. Join Star Tutors today to make a difference!

Why Us?

Based in the Upper North Shore of Sydney, Star Tutors is a tuition company with a difference. Founded by a top performing Marketing graduate from Macquarie University who has had several years of experience as a tutor, the company was established to provide a supportive and quality educational service for students.

We offer a wider range of subjects for school and university, and it is our goal to produce well-rounded and job-ready students.

Additionally, we offer some vocational training courses for small business owners, including Chem-Dry Red Rose, Pacific WaterPingi Australia, Chem-Dry QuickDry, Chem-Dry Ultimate, Chem-Dry Action, Chem-Dry Distinction 1, Chem-Dry Distinction 2,  Creative Wedding Photography.,

We genuinely want to help others to succeed. To do this, we need like-minded tutors.

What We Offer Our Tutors:


Greater convenience.

Rewards and recognition of hard work.

Better per hour pay rate than other tutoring companies.

Supportive management which takes care of administration for you.

A great work culture where you get the chance to have more autonomy in your work.

A fantastic work-life balance which enables you to earn money whilst studying or working casually.



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